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Terms and conditions

The Company Bartoli Moto s.r.l. is not responsible for any loss or damage, direct or indirect, deriving from the sale of goods or services featured on the website Bartoli Moto, nor for the delay or loss of delivery of the product, nor for the correspondence of the goods to those specified on the website, nor for any other fact not attributable directly to the Company Bartoli Moto s.r.l.

All products sold by Bartoli Moto s.r.l. are covered by the standard manufacturer’s guarantee of 24 months for defects or faults, according to law DL 24/02. To take advantage of this guarantee, the Customer must retain the invoice (or DDT). With the acceptance of the purchase contract the Customer understands and accepts the conditions in existence at the moment of recourse to the Guarantor. The standard product guarantee is supplied according to the documentation sent with the product.

The 24 month guarantee according to law DL 24/02 applies to a defective product provided that product has been used correctly, according to its intended use as stated in the technical documents attached. The guarantee is solely for private Customers (for individuals who purchase goods exclusively for private use, or who make a purchase without indicating an IVA or VAT number). In case of a defective product, Bartoli Moto s.r.l. will honour the guarantee, providing the product has been correctly used, by means of repair/substitution or money back, until the resolution of the contract. The Customer must bring the goods to the Bartoli Moto s.r.l. stores in Via Gandhi, 1/9 Zona Comm.le at Sforzacosta (MC); if the product has been taken from our main shop it can be re-delivered directly there.

If for any reason it is not possible to supply the client with a product under guarantee (used or substituted),Bartoli Moto s.r.l. may at its discretion return in full the amount paid or substitute it with a product with the same or superior characteristics. If, following the intervention/investigation by an Authorised Centre of Assistance, the problem is not a defect of conformity according to law DL 24/02, the Customer will be required to pay for the eventual costs of the check by the Authorised Assistance as well as the transport costs met by Bartoli Moto s.r.l.

Technical Information
The technical information found on the Bartoli Moto website, is obtained from the published information supplied by the manufacturers of the goods featured in our catalogue. The Company Bartoli Moto s.r.l. therefore, reserves the right to modify or adjust the technical information and dimensions of the products in the catalogue without any prior warning, based on manufacturers’ guidelines.

Product Availability
In our catalogue published on the Bartoli Moto website, as online access and the real time processing of orders online alters product availability, the Company Bartoli Moto s.r.l. cannot guarantee the definite allocation of ordered merchandise.

Risk and Ownership
On delivery of the merchandise, the Customer must check the integrity of the package and the quantity and quality of the contents as indicated in the accompanying document (invoice). In case of defect, this must be recorded on the same accompanying document and confirmed, within seven days by fax or registered post, to the sales department at Bartoli Moto s.r.l.. Even if the packaging is intact the merchandise must be checked with seven days of receipt. Any hidden anomalies must be recorded and sent in writing by fax or registered post. Any record outside the above terms cannot be given consideration. The Customer assumes complete responsibility for any declaration made.

Orders are accepted solely and exclusively online. At the end of the procedure the Customer sending an online order will receive order confirmation including an order number via email. If after sending an online order confirmation including confirmation number is not received after several minutes, legally the order must be considered as void, whether it be because of unavailability or for administrative, or other reasons.

All prices published on the website include IVA. Prices can be changed at any time without any warning.

Right to cancel an order
The Customer can ask for an order to be cancelled and Bartoli Moto s.r.l. reserves the right to accept cancellation. Cancellation must be in written form. Where merchandise has already been ordered by the Company Bartoli Moto s.r.l. from its suppliers, the Company reserves the right not to accept cancellation. Where there is a breach of contract or an order cancellation by the Customer, compensation amounting to 30% of the total price of the order must be paid, except in specific cases where more may be payable if the financial cost to the Company due to an order cancellation or breach of contract results in a loss of more than 30%.

Legal Reclaim
Any dispute relating to the application, execution, interpretation or violation of an online purchase contract made through the website is under the jurisdiction of Italian law; these general conditions are outlined in the combined legislation of n° 50 del 15.1.1992 and n° 185 del 22.5.1999. For any dispute between the parties in regard of the contract both parties will submit to the jurisdiction of the Court of Macerata (Italy).

Notice to consumer of the right of return
Should THE AGREEMENT OF THE PURCHASE CONTRACT takes place OUTSIDE THE COMPANY PREMISES, the sale in question is to be considered subject to law n. 185 del 22/05/1999, which provides the Customer with the possibility to exercise the right of return. In this case long distance acquisitions made by telephone or online would be delivered to the Customer’s home or be picked up at the headquarters of the Company or at one of its offices.

To whom this applies:
To individuals (consumers) acting for reasons which can be considered extraneous to their business activities. Therefore purchases by re-sellers or companies are excluded from the right of return.

In what this consists:
The Customer has the right, within 10 working days of receiving the merchandise, to exercise the RIGHT OF RETURN. Such a right consists in the return of the purchased goods to the vendor and the resultant reimbursement of the purchase price.

What is excluded:
The right of return is not applicable to products sold by Bartoli Moto s.r.l., if the Company has specially ordered the product requested by the Customer (subject to forewarning by Bartoli Moto s.r.l. to the client by email).

How to make use of the right of return:
Make sure you have the following:
- original invoice (indicate order number and invoice number);
- in case of partial return, product codes;
- bank co-ordinates to which bank transfers are to be made (ABI - CAB codes, account number of invoice recipient). *
* If the invoice recipient intending to return a product does not have bank details, he or she can supply those of a family member or friend by fax to Bartoli Moto s.r.l. explicitly giving authorisation by fax to credit the amount into this bank account. Then contact the administrative department of Bartoli Moto s.r.l. to obtain the "Return Merchandise Authorisation" (RMA) code.
Also send by fax to +39 (0733) 201122, a written and signed declaration of the wish to exercise your right of return, including all the information set out above (also including as necessary authorisation to credit the bank account of a third party).

How to arrange return delivery:
After obtaining the RMA number, carefully pack the materials so that the original wrapping and cellophane of the products are safeguarded from any damage, writing or additional labelling.
Clearly mark the packages with the RMA number.
Send the merchandise to the following address:
Bartoli Moto s.r.l. - Via Gandhi, 1/9 Zona Comm.le - 62010 Sforzacosta (MC) (Italia)

Follow-through time for bank transfer to the Customer:
If the RMA procedure outlined above has been effected correctly, Bartoli Moto s.r.l foresees 30 working days from the receipt of the merchandise to the repayment of the invoice, excluding postage and packing (Section 5, comma 6, law n. 185 del 22/05/1999).
Note : deliveries made without the RMA number will not be accepted by Bartoli Moto s.r.l.
1: By bank transfer at the time of order
For payment by bank transfer the payment must only be effected once the Customer has received an order confirmation email from Bartoli Moto s.r.l; the merchandise will only be sent once Bartoli Moto s.r.l has received payment.
2 By credit card via PayPal using the proper form of secure transaction.

Bank details for sending bank transfers:
ACCOUNT NAME: Bartoli Moto s.r.l.

Bartoli Moto s.r.l. reserves the unchallengeable right not to proceed with delivery of the merchandise, even after having accepted an order, to those clients deemed not creditworthy, who have not paid or who are in legal dispute.

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